What we do

"SKOGRAN perfectly organizes the work, carried out on time and gives a guarantee" - Rauno Kataja (Pohjan Taimi Oy).


BEST PLANTER - our forestry services brand name, which has earned us international recognition.

Our qualified team performs forest planting, forest care, cone collecting, electricity lines care works in Europe.

The number of employees during the high season reaches over 400.

Works comply with worldwide forest certification standards - PEFC. We are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards.


More information www.bestplanter.eu.

Forest planting

Forest planting helps to ensure uninterrupted forest nature protection function and valuable timber cultivation.
Over the year we plant over 30 000 000 forest seedlings. 

Forest care

Forest care service includes pre-cleaning, early cleaning, brush cutting. Forest care helps to maintain an optimal structure and density of forest species. It also helps to facilitate the growth of the best (in quality sense) trees.

Over the year we clear out over 12 000 hectares of forest.

Cones collecting

Collected cones are used to extract the tree seeds from which later seedlings are grown. This is how circle of nature goes. 

During the year we collect around 500 000 liters of cones.
From yearly picked cones’ seeds, about 273 128 906 seedlings can sprout.

Electricity lines care


Electricity lines care service includes bush cutting, tree cutting and pruning in electricity lines protection zones. We provide electricity care service for Lithuania's transmission and distribution grid operators. The quality of performed work, including cutting bushes and dangerous trees under the electricity lines, determines the number of users that are left without power after the next major wind storm.

We are certified by the State Energy Inspectorate and has the right to make the power supply to 110 kV repair and up to 400 kV repairs of construction. 

Project Eglutės.lt

Several years in a row, during winter time, our company implements project Eglutes.lt  which creates Christmas atmosphere not only at home but also in offices. Real fresh-cut trees, stands and various decorations are delivered directly to your front door.

More information www.eglutes.lt.